Consulting the Internet Oracles

The goal is a new way of earning a living. A living with purpose, creativity and freedom. With the help of the oracles and their sage advice, I hope to create the life I have always wanted.

In the About section of this blog I talk about my journey away from the 9-5 world and how important that has been for my state of mind. It’s not an easy path. Charting your own path is fraught with moments of self-doubt. However, I know I really don’t want to go back to an office job. Especially now that we have moved away from a big city.

Living in the country has its pros and cons. We miss going to great ethnic restaurants and seeing our friends regularly. I hate that I have to drive to get groceries. However, I love walking my dog off leash. I love seeing birds, rabbits, deer and the occasional red fox out my window. I love seeing the stars and really feeling the weather.

I didn’t love the lack of internet.

The lack of affordable internet services in rural Canada is despicable and worthy of its own blog post. After 15 years of extensive research and DIY tweaking by my IT husband, we finally managed solve our internet woes. With an antenna perched precariously on the beach, we are now able to watch Netflix, just one gage of adequate speed. It still costs way more than it does in the city but we are better off than we were.

What proper internet means to me now is the ability to tap into the world of online courses, videos and podcasts. As someone who works from home, this life line is essential to keeping me connected and enables me to move forward with an online business. It has also put me back in touch with an old inspiration, Chase Jarvis. Chase is an internationally renowned photographer, known not just for his photography skills but also for his drive to help others succeed in their creative goals. A few years ago he started a series called Chase Jarvis Live where he interviews well-known entrepreneurs, writers and musicians about their creative journey. That led to podcast interviews and Chase Jarvis RAW where he shares his personal stories and answers questions. In additional to all that he and some friends started an incredibly accessible online school called Creative Live especially geared toward creative entrepreneurs. His drive and focus blow my mind and I spent most of this winter catching up with all that he has accomplished. He has introduced me to a whole world of inspiring people such as Chris Guillebeau, Brené Brown, Seth Godin, and Ramit Sethi. He also reminded me of people I used to follow such as Tim Ferriss and Richard Branson. My brain is full of new ideas and inspiration and purpose. When ever I start to veer off course, I know these people and their insights will pull me back in.

We live in an age of internet information that can distract us more than it can educate us. We know there is just as much bad information out there as there is good. It is hard to know whom to trust. But I believe in these people and their message. More and more I hear people questioning the status quo of work and business. People want more. They want to choose how they work even if it’s for someone else. They are seeking purpose. They want to follow their passions, have more time for family, live in this moment. I see the internet as a tool for that change. Not the only tool, but an essential tool for learning and connecting to the world.

I am embarking on my own journey to become a digital nomad of sorts. I must draw on the skills from my past, like project management, creativity and website development and develop new skills to manage the world of social media, SEO and online communities. The goal is a new way of earning a living. A living with purpose, creativity and freedom. With the help of the oracles and their sage advice, I hope to create the life I have always wanted.

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