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Canadian Environment Week

Monday was World Environment Day and this week is Canadian Environment Week. Whenever these “special” days and weeks come up I always think, who decided this was the day for this (except for May 4th, that one is easy) and then I question, why just today? Why can’t it be “earth hour” ALL the time? The only reason I can think of is to remind busy people that these things are important. Maybe one hour or one day of news on a subject will encourage people to look at the world differently. That’s why I started this blog. To hopefully encourage people to think differently about the world around them.

So on this Canadian Environment Week, I get to join many others in freely and loudly talking about the environment, what is wrong with it and what we can do to about it. I am also taking action, something I encourage you to do, not just this week but every week.

As I am obsessed with water, this week I will be attending Waterstock. Waterstock is a festival that celebrates the water protection movement that grew out of Southern Ontario. Over the past few years, Nestle has been pumping water out of the groundwater systems for pennies a day. Due to lax government regulations, they have been allowed to do this legally. Essentially, the water that we need to sustain our towns, our farmers and our ecosystem of rivers and lakes is being taken by an international company and then sold back to us in plastic bottles. Organizations like the Wellington Water Watchers have been working hard to change this situation and stop the pillaging. Their essential message is “Water for life not profit.”

After 10 years of diligent work to protect source water in Ontario, Waterstock is the rallying point to send a strong message to Premier Wynne to protect our water against corporate control and exploitation. Inspired by the Foodstock and Soupstock events, Waterstock promises to be a bold, impactful, and historic day full of artisanal food and beverage, music, artistic displays and protest. Waterstock will be the tipping point, a ‘watershed’ moment, demonstrating broad and far reaching support for the “Water for Life not Profit” campaign.

I mentioned in this post about Rainwater that I am quite passionate about water. What are you passionate about and can you translate that passion into something that helps the environment? Can you turn that action into a daily habit?

Changing passions into eco-habits.
  • Long walks in the forest – pick up litter on your next outing
  • Foodie – buy local and if possible organic food, carry your own shopping bags
  • Love fashion and clothes – try buying vintage or clothes made from eco-friendly fabrics (change Fast Fashion into Slow Fashion)
  • Gardening – buy native plants, only use natural fertilizer, no pesticides
  • Enjoy a clean house and body – buy or make your own biodegradable products
  • Consider donating to environmental causes like David Suzuki Foundation or Nature Conservancy Canada.
  • Discover your environmental impact at sites like Canadian Footprint Calculator , UK Footprint Calculator
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