Comparison of Photo Back-up Software

From Google Photos to Flickr what is the best solution for backing up and sharing photos.

In the previous posts listed below, I reviewed some of the more popular Photo back up and sharing applications on the market. I have put together a document that looks at all the content in one spreadsheet for easier comparisons.

From my research I determined the following:

Google Photos: Best Photo auto back up and sharing software – ease of use, multi platform

Apple Photos: Best if you are an all over Mac user – syncing between devices and extensive printing options

Amazon Prime Photos: Best for storage in the cloud – unlimited photos, multi image format

Flickr: Best Photo sharing with family and friends – extensive privacy, tagging and commenting options. (Note: Flickr was sold recently to Verizon. Future is uncertain.)

It all comes down to your comfort level and what you really want to do. But as I mentioned in the review posts, always back up your files to an external hard drive as well as the cloud. People often say that if they had to grab one thing from their house in an emergency it would be their photos. Make sure yours are secure on a daily basis (in case of phone or computer failure) and in the future with an offsite solution be it external hard drive or cloud storage.

Reviewing Google Photos

Reviewing Microsoft Photos and One Drive

Reviewing iCloud and Apple Photos

Reviewing Amazon Prime Photos and Amazon Drive

Is Flickr Good for Photo Storage


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