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Welcome to Leni J Photo.

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Professional Photography

Interior, Product, Travel, Fine Art

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Photo Management

Protection, Sharing, Discovery

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Curating, Space Utilization, Simplification

Who Am I

I am a photographer who loves to develop life systems to make life run more smoothly. I have shot for numerous publications including Style at Home and the Globe and Mail. I have also sold my work to art dealers and individuals through out North America. I am keen to help you not only record your latest project but also celebrate it.

As a photographer who has been taking pictures for 40 years and worked professionally for 10, I know how important photographs are but also how hard it is to keep them sorted and backed up. I can help you address your existing photos, whether they are stuck on your smart phone, scattered across various devices, or stacked in boxes, I can help you sort through the chaos and come up with systems to protect and manage your photos for today and into the future. And if there is a space in your house or office that needs some TLC, I have had extensive experience cleaning up physical spaces in order to maximize their potential.

Professional Services
  • Freelance photography: interiors, product, travel, fine art
  • Digital photo organizing, backup to hard drives and the Cloud, printing and framing
  • Photo negative and slide archiving
  • General house purging and organizing
  • Small space reorganization
  • Estate clearing
How to Get Started:

Simply contact us with your specific project details and we will set up a time to meet. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


fine art photography, nature photography, photographer, professional, still life, abstract, product, interior, professional organizer, travel

Illustration by Janet McLeod Wortel

It might seem strange to be both a photographer and an organizer and yet it is perfectly normal to me. Photography is my creative passion. I am fascinated by the power of light, how it can change the mood of a place or object depending on its strength or colour.

How and where we live also fascinates me. What we choose to keep around us, what our spaces look like, all of these things show us who we are and what is important to us. I think this is why I am drawn to interiors, still life and ultimately architecture photography. Spaces are mirrors into our souls.

But while my eye seeks out beautiful scenes, my brain wants to solve the problem at hand. When I see something that is not working I instinctively want to fix it. Often I have found, problems can be traced back to how we chose to live and work. What systems we use or don’t use. I have been organizing things and developing systems since I was a child. Throughout my career, I continued to organize objects and information in order to make my work environments run smoothly.

Everybody lives and works differently. One way is not better than another. But sometimes, life gets ahead of our best laid plans and we need a little help to get back on track.

I look forward to using my work and life experiences to help you develop new ways to manage your life, or photograph your latest project.

To read more of what makes me tick, click here.


“Leni’s skill and talent were an incredible contribution at a time when our home was in disarray as we attempted to make a transition in the way we used the space in our basement. Her incredible ingenuity and creative solutions allowed us to make the smallest spaces incredibly well organized when we had to accommodate the needs of both my growing family, my in home business and a great deal of stuff that needed to be stored but also accessible.  Leni’s intuitive approach made me feel understood and she really excelled at creating solutions that were a good fit for my family and my budget. She is efficient and fast, but also compassionate and sensitive to the challenges her clients are dealing with.”

Gretel Meyer Odell, Toronto

“I love Leni’s pragmatic, yet, compassionate, approach to helping me de-clutter my home. I am a very organized person, but she helps me to minimize what I do and do not need to maintain. I also appreciate her help in actually physically removing  from my space the things I have chosen to part with. I can’t even remember what was here! Her patience in allowing me to purge in phases takes some of the pressure off, and I don’t feel so scared to let go of things, because I have time to really think about what matters to me. Lastly, her expertise in interior design and decor will help me make my home more comfortable, and she is helping me have the courage to learn to do some repairs on my own, which is what I have been wanting to do for so long. Thanks, Leni! You have an amazing skill set which I envy!”

Kate Proctor, Toronto

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