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The Lessons I have Learned From Gardening

Similarities between gardening and starting a business.

Blue Bin, recycle, haldimand county, environment

To Recycle or Not To Recycle

Explaining what the recycle numbers on plastics actually mean.

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Canadian Environment Week

Turn your passions into sustainable habits.

rainwater, rainwater collection, first flush diverter, first flush diverter, downspout, gutter guard, tote, rain barrel, cistern, leaf eater

The Obsessive Rain Collector

If you live in the country, water tends to be more expensive. Collecting rainwater can be a cost effective solution.

internet, antenna, rural, southern ontario, detour wireless, beach, line of site

Consulting the Internet Oracles

The goal is a new way of earning a living. A living with purpose, creativity and freedom. With the help of the oracles and their sage advice, I hope to create the life I have always wanted.

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